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If you have an IT Department managing your environment, you’re well aware of increasing workloads, lack of resources and the growing need for an insurmountable level of expertise to maintain secure operations and avoid exponentially increasing data downtime costs. According to Gartner research, the average cost of an outage is $300k per hour and climbing. Prevent unnecessary costs when you partner with Devfuzion. 

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Co-Managed IT Services

Many businesses worldwide use co-managed IT services to augment their in-house IT capabilities. This includes skilled techs, but also often includes network monitoring, cybersecurity expertise, and any level of support services. 

Unlike fully managed IT services, co-managed IT services allow organizations to combine outsourced technical services with in-house IT services, with each organization doing what they do best. Co-Managed IT service providers typically take direction from the in-house IT Manager or Operations Manager and are responsible for following the client company’s policies. 

In most cases, co-managed IT services allow organizations to scale their services on a fixed month-to-month basis, enabling businesses to properly gap fill without the need for additional hiring. 

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