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Security Event Logging and Monitoring is the practice of continuously gathering, storing, processing, synthesizing and analyzing data from disparate programs and applications in order to optimize system performance, identify technical issues, better manage resources, strengthen security and improve compliance. 

Every activity in your environment, from emails to logins to firewall updates, is considered a security event. All of these events should be logged in order to keep tabs on everything that’s happening in your technology landscape. 

What can security monitoring do for you?

Security event logging and monitoring services help clients to weed through system and audit logs
quickly and cost effectively, leaving only relevant records that the organization must analyze and retain.

Effective logging and monitoring serves to help companies protect confidential information and through careful
trend analysis, identify meaningful improvements to their security management programs.

Devfuzion's Security Event Logging
& Monitoring Services

Devfuzion’s Security Logging and Monitoring Services help clients to tame information overload and to focus only on critical events that impact the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their confidential information.

Our team employs an effective log data collection & analysis process to review audit logs for critical events such as:

A key differentiator of our service is periodic and long-term trend analysis that serves to identify unauthorized activity and the effectiveness of implemented controls. Security event logging and monitoring serve as primary detective control within an organization’s information security program.

All critical security events are analyzed, categorized, and provided to the client for immediate consideration.