Transforming Healthcare

For Better Outcomes

As one of the most attacked and vulnerable industries, we know you require robust safeguards for Protected Health Information (PHI) data amid the evolving digital transformation of patient experiences. 

There’s a lot at risk when it comes to securing patient data. Your organization is responsible for securing confidential health information, birth dates, social security numbers, credit card data, and more. Many healthcare organizations also have medical devices that connect directly to the internet, so these machines need regular security sweeps because they are easy to overlook as a vulnerability. Our IT services designed for the medical industry can help you succeed. 

Embark On A
Digital Reinvention

You don’t have to walk the compliance road alone. DEVFUZION has worked with some of the top healthcare providers in the state. We can secure your network, protect company assets, and improve your staff’s productivity.

Let DEVFUZION’s Local Healthcare-Aware
IT Department Help You

• Reach and maintain HIPAA compliance. 

• Develop a sustainable IT management healthcare strategy. 

• Use our IT support desk to support your healthcare staff.

• Receive emergency responses for critical system failures.

As you know, the healthcare industry has a wide range of compliance standards. You need an experienced IT company to ensure your network is secure while also meeting HIPAA standards. DEVFUZION has over a decade of providing IT support for healthcare organizations. We have the expertise and understand the risks and the liabilities. 

Failing to comply with HIPAA rules and regulations can lead to serious fines and legal action such as remediation efforts. We work 24/7 to provide IT support for your medical practice or hospital so you can have peace of mind. Our healthcare IT consultants will help you create a compliance plan so you can focus on patient care. This will allow us to ensure compliance and show you the road to get there. 

Keep your patient data secured & optimized your patient experience