Optimize Your Essential IT Infrastructure

With Devfuzion’s Server & Network Solutions

Due to the critical nature of technology in business – including servers, networks, & individual workstations – downtime can have a negative impact on revenues, productivity, & customer confidence. Devfuzion provides peace of mind to businesses of all sizes with scalable server support and network solutions that monitor performance, resolve issues and ensure your critical technology infrastructure is up and running when you, and your customers, need it most. 

Benefits of a Server & IT Network Solutions

IT Vendor Management Makes Technology
Procurement & License Management Easier

Virtually every solution engages multiple technologies and multiple vendors. Keeping track of specifications, licenses, warranties and support contacts can be a challenge while determining who to call for assistance or advice can be frustrating. IT vendor management from Devfuzion eliminates these challenges and provides peace of mind. We manage your vendors and act as your single point of contact for all of your technical needs. 

Devfuzion partners with some of the most prominent names in technology — Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, HP, and Citrix to name a few — in order to provide you with the systems, software and cloud services you need at the best possible value. We’ll ensure regular maintenance is done in accordance with licenses or warranties and streamline tech support requests to ensure they get resolved quickly.

Increase Agility & Mobility With

Wi-Fi Network Services

Wireless networking has changed the face of business. But, setting up and maintaining a stable, secure wireless network that delivers reliable performance requires expertise. Devfuzion designs and deploys robust Wi-Fi network solutions for businesses of all sizes that adhere to industry best practices and improve the overall flexibility of your IT infrastructure.

Our expert technicians design and install wireless network environments based on your connectivity needs, goals and IT budget—from peer-to-peer networks suitable for limited users to full infrastructure networks for many users roaming over a broad area. Plus, we provide you with best practices for keeping your network secure and running smoothly. 

VoIP Communication & Collaboration Services Provides the Essential Tools Your Workforce Needs

In today’s fast-paced environment, your organization needs a flexible, reliable phone system to communicate and collaborate. Devfuzion’s managed IT services include a variety of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems that deliver a variety of features — HD quality sound, audio conferencing, voicemail to email and much more — all to empower your workforce to work smarter and more efficiently. 

Devfuzion’s VoIP phone solutions cut costs, provide redundancy and add functionality. Using the same broadband internet connection you currently have, VoIP streamlines your workflows and expenses with a toll-free line and free long-distance calling, as well as email system integration, conference bridge lines, e-fax capabilities, auto attendant services, smart forwarding and more.