Flexibility & Cost Savings with Hosted Application Services

Application hosting services let you minimize the high costs of investing and maintaining infrastructure and maximizes mobility by allowing users access to the applications they use most from virtually anywhere. Let Devfuzion host Windows or other applications in the cloud so you can run them on whatever computers or devices you need to via a secure login. 

Devfuzion provides a unique, tailored and scalable approach to application hosting. Developed by experts with decades of industry experience, our application hosting solutions not only give you full control, but ensure reliability and security, designed to meet your specific business needs. 

Virtual Server Hosting

When creating a website or web app, customers generally need to set up a database, configure a webserver, and add their code. Managing physical server hardware can be complex and expensive. To solve this problem, here at Devfuzion, we manage the underlying hardware and allow users to consume these resources. In VPS hosting, each user receives a virtual machine with dedicated resources that is ready for them to deploy and configure their application or website. This way, customers who use VPS hosting can focus on their applications or websites without having to waste time and energy dealing with the physical servers hosting their code. VPS hosting providers secure, reliable and consistent performance for their websites. 

Support for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Support Plans to Accelerate Your Transformation

Our Microsoft support plans are designed to remove the complexities that organizations can face in maximizing the benefits of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint cloud technologies for their workplace. We have a long track record of success in delivering expert support services for our clients, regardless of their size or where they are on their transformation roadmap.

Our most comprehensive packages offer increasing levels of analytics and insights, as well as the opportunity to benefit from our vast experience and close relationship with Microsoft.

Proactive Managed IT Powering Business Growth

The pace of emerging technology is unprecedented. Our approach includes a team of certified experts & systems that work in concert. Cloud-based technologies and mobile devices that have brought so much possibility have also introduced a plethora of devices, platforms and apps for businesses, making it extremely difficult for an individual to manage network infrastructure, security, cloud architecture & more. To have the best of both worlds, businesses of all sizes are exploring the transition to an approach that includes 24/7/365 monitoring, cloud solutions management and more. 

Recognized Standards

Our service model aligns to the Microsoft Roadmap, the ITIL framework and ISO27001 and ISO9001 standards. You'll be supported by a managed services team fully trained and certified in Microsoft's core technologies.

Planned and Measurable

Our approach starts with us understanding your business and what you want to achieve with Microsoft 365. Wheter you need help to maintain, monitor or optimise your environment, we'll work with you to plan how we can best support you.

Support to suit your needs

Whether it's responsive technical and code expertise from our service desk specialists or broader insights that inform your overall Microsoft 365 strategy, we can provide a package to support you.

Leverage The Power Of
The Cloud With Virtualization

You need more scalability and agility — as well as the ability to control costs — to meet your goals and improve profitability. Virtualization solutions deliver your technology services across the Internet are an ideal way to expand your IT assets, improve agility, increase productivity and reduce costs. We keep your technology investments running better than ever while gaining significant savings.

Devfuzion automates IT processes and creates an elastic environment for computing, storage and networking resources. Our experts are dedicated to focusing on the day-to-day management of data and infrastructure virtualization and employ advanced monitoring and management tools to ensure your IT assets deliver the performance your users’ demand. 

What are the benefits of virtualization?

Virtualization improves hardware resources used in your data center. For example, instead of running one server on one computer system, you can create a virtual server pool on the same computer system by using and returning servers to the pool as required. Having fewer underlying physical servers frees up space in your data center and saves money on electricity, generators, and cooling appliances.  

Now that physical computers are virtual, you can manage them by using software tools. Administrators create deployment and configuration programs to define virtual machine templates. You can duplicate your infrastructure repeatedly and consistently and avoid error-prone manual configurations. 

When events such as natural disasters or cyberattacks negatively affect business operations, regaining access to IT infrastructure and replacing or fixing a physical server can take hours or even days. By contrast, the process takes minutes with virtualized environments. This prompt response significantly improves resiliency and facilitates business continuity so that operations can continue as scheduled.