Cyber Attack: City of Ellensburg

This week the City of Ellensburg was hit with a cyberattack, usually when you hear about cyberattacks, they aren’t this close to home. This attack rendered all the city’s data and network drives inaccessible. This issue is being investigated by federal law enforcement in hopes of putting a stop to these malicious attacks.  

This incident is a reminder that to everyone that cyberattacks can happen to anyone at any time. At Devfuzion, we offer a range of services and training options to help you keep your business protected such as:  

  • cyberattack monitoring software  
  • dark web scanning options (are your active passwords in the dark web right now?) 
  • network hardening options (this makes your system harder for bad people to get into)  
  • multi-factor authentication setup 
  • backups and archiving 

As stated before, it is always better to set up precautions and prevent ransomware infections from happening, than to restore your backups in response to the infection that has already occurred. These attacks have shown that they can render an entire city’s data inaccessible, it’s time to take the steps to make sure you’re secure.  

View the full statement from the City of Ellensburg and learn more about the attack, here.


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