Y2K Bug Confusing Computers?

There is a Y2K Bug confusing computers?

Computer bugs come in all shapes and sizes but have you heard of a bug that confuses computers into thinking they are turning back the timetable? Well, there is a but that is doing exactly that!

In an article posted October 22, 2021,  Pieter Arntz writes, “Before the year 2000, lots of computer programs kept track of the year by remembering the last two digits instead of all four. Programs coded this way would work correctly until the first day of the new millennium, when they would assume they’d been transported back in time 100 years to 1900.

Some computer programs don’t care what time it is, but others do, and there were genuine fears that getting the date wrong by -100 years might cause the lights to go out, or for planes to fall from the sky.

In the end, those big problems didn’t materialize, because everyone received a warning or two, or twenty, way in advance, and there was enough time to take action and fix the broken code.” 

How bad is the situation? 

Being thrown back to the early 2000s has its issues, for one, no one wants frosted tips to come back in style. For computers, it means, security issues! We have come a long way since Y2K in cyber and computer security. “From the perspective of incident handling and incident response, well-synchronized time across systems facilitates log analysis, forensic activities, and correlation of events. Losing track of what happened when can lead to missed incidents. Even worse is getting shut out. NTP servers using the bugged GPSD version would get thrown back almost 20 years,” says Arntz.


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