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Everything you Need to Know about Managed Service Providers in Spokane

As the world changes, technological advances continue to grow at a rapid rate, affecting how we run our daily lives. Moving away from the pen, paper, and filing cabinets to keyboards, documents, and hard drives certainly streamlines productivity and saves us time, but with this new technology comes new cyber security dangers. Don’t expose your business to unnecessary risk. Have a business in the Spokane area? Managed Service Providers like Devfuzion can help. Learn how by reading below.

We can take a lot off your plate

For better or worse, businesses of all sizes need modern technology to function. Information Technology, or “IT”, encompasses all aspects of system management, from data storage and backups, phone systems, email settings, network setup, and payment processing. Navigating all of it can be a full-time job, something most average-sized companies simply don’t have the time or know-how to do. Hiring an IT company to handle everything for you can keep operations running smoothly. And when issues do inevitably arise, having a highly-trained team of experts at your beck and call can save you a lot of time and headache in the long run. A Managed Service Provider handles all IT needs you may require.

IT Support isn’t the only thing we’re good for

Cybercrime is becoming an increasingly big problem. Just like a burglar breaking into your house and stealing your personal belongings, hackers can break into your computer systems and steal confidential information, targeting you with ransomware or selling your information on the black market to the highest bidder. And their methods are getting more sophisticated every day.

As of 2021 cyber-attacks are the fastest growing crime in the US and cause catastrophic business disruption. In 2020 alone there were reported more than 1000 data breaches and 155.8 million records exposed. SolarWinds, Twitter, Marriott, Zoom, and MGM Resorts are just a few of the victims of cyber attacks within the last year. Small-medium and businesses aren’t safe either. In 2019, a Data Breach Investigations Report stated that 43% of breaches involved small businesses.

While anti-virus software can guard against basic attacks, hackers are getting more and more creative with their tactics. It’s far better to take preventative measures than waiting and trying to fix the problem after it happens. IT management can defend your business against the latest digital threats, keeping your assets safe.

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Overworked? Overwhelmed? Not sure how to keep your digital information secure? Free up your time and put your mind at ease by hiring an IT company. Devfuzion specializes in all aspects of IT from data storage, management, data backups, cyber security, and more. Call 509.572.2127 or Contact Devfuzion to get started today.